Position: Cosmetologist

Location: Boise

About Me

I became a cosmetologist in 2000 (although, I was braiding and styling hair on the school bus LONG before I attained my license!) This work is not just what I do, but rather: who I am. I have a career that I adore and I feel sincerely blessed to be able to do something every day that I love. I have worked at Aveda salons since I started my career, including salons in Boise and Washington D.C., but have lived and worked at Panache in Boise since 2006.I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many great stylist throughout the years, learning something new from each along the way. I love to learn because, as a stylist, things are always changing. I believe it is very important in our industry to continue our education, stay informed on the new trends & styles. I have always tried to be a well-rounded individual. I love it all: cutting, coloring, up styling (and, I must say, I can do a pretty dang good blow out!)

People have asked me why I chose Aveda and have stayed with Aveda my entire career. Simply put: Aveda is a company that truly stands behind the hairstylist! They have the best educators and an amazing mission, of which I strongly support. They were “green” before it was cool. I love how passionate they are about giving back and helping to positively change the world in which we live.

Outside of work, I am a foodie that loves to travel, photography, fashion, scuba diving, reading a good book, camping, or just enjoying the great outdoors with my 3 pups. Life is good!

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